One more week…

And then I will leave Jakarta. For good? I don’t think so. But for now.

I had such a good time here. I learned so much about the Indonesian culture, about working in a multicultural atmosphere and about myself. I made friends I will miss so much and I met people that entertained me for a day and I know I will never see again.

I always thought that when I was older and I needed to settle down (whatever that means) I would do so in The Netherlands. The thing is… now I’m not so sure. Honestly, it was not hard for me to adjust to a different culture and country. I blended in smoothly (despite everybody looking at me) and I was even able to learn some of the language during my time here. So now that homesickness and fear won’t be a factor, I can really live anywhere. And that is both a liberating thought, as well as a scary one. And a very difficult one, because how do I ever choose a place to live forever?

The answer is I don’t know yet, and I don’t need to know yet. I will know eventually and even if I don’t, I can always move around until I find my place under the sun (but I would prefer to have some sun, so that is -1 for The Netherlands).

In my last week here I will try to write many blogs, because I am far behind and have so much to tell and show you. There will be some very funny videos from my time here with a friend that visited me and I will post many pictures from my latest trips.

So there is much to come. But there will be even more later. Because even though I will leave Jakarta, I will not leave Asia, as I will be traveling through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia before I leave.

So yeah, my life is still awesome. And I’m happy every day that it won’t end soon.


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