Why I could never travel without Google Maps

I know that people used to travel with just a map and a compass. And if I had to, sure, I could do that, probably. But I use Google Maps for so many things, it’s not even funny anymore.

Not only do I use it for the obvious reasons, such as finding out where my hostels are located and how to get there, I also use it to navigate my way when I am on a bus or train. The train stations are not always clearly mentioned or visible when a train stops and in the bus it’s all just one big adventure. Asking where you are or when/where you will arrive will get you a nod and a smile, which is not very helpful. But with this amazing app you can locate the little blue dot and see where you currently are. So when I see myself going towards the correct train station or see that the busstop where we stop is near to my destination, I know I have to get off.

Thus, using it to see where you are, to see where you have to go… Makes sense so far, right?

I also use it to track where I have been, as you can see here.

And, when I arrive in a new destination and I am looking for something, such as a market, a vegan restaurant for guilt-free dining or a supermarket.

So yeah, I never claimed I used it in other ways than most other people do. I just said it’s really, really useful. And I would be lost without it!

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