Sharing is not always caring

I’m sure we are all familiar with this situation. A friend of yours says you have to watch a certain movie, because it has changed their life forever. There goes two hours of your life. Or maybe they would like you to read a book that has the best storyline ever. You could end up giving it six hours of your valuable time. Or if you are really unlucky, they will recommend a tv-show with five seasons, causing you to spend a whole week binge-watching.

When we find something we enjoy, we want to share it with everybody we know (most commonly our close friends and family). You want to tell them how great it was, that it was so funny, they should absolutely watch it. Your life won’t be complete if you haven’t.

And it got me thinking… I am also the kind of person who likes to share their enthusiasm with friends about these kinds of things. If you have read something that felt important somehow, you want to share it. But while doing this, often we forget to think about our target audience.

Not everybody has the same interests as you. Maybe a dramatic film that has no joke in it whatsoever is not the best thing to recommend to your friend who loves comedy. Sure, you may want to share your passion for this newly discovered picture, but if you don’t keep in mind what your friend likes, this may only result in disappointment. I’ve watched movies that I love with friends who start to tear it apart and pointing out all of the flaws. Maybe after that, you won’t like the movie as much.

We have ALL been in the situation where you show somebody a clip from Youtube of something you have laughed about for days, but your friend watches it with a straight face and a frown, wondering why you would want to show them this video. Usually, about halfway through the video, you will be tempted to say something along the lines of: “Just wait for it, the funny part is coming”. But you already know that this viewing is a bust.

So yes, on the one hand you should think about the person you are sharing your newly discovered awesomeness with, but on the other hand, it can say a lot about you. It is a chance for your friends to learn more about you and what you find funny or moving.

When I was discussing this with my Lyonnais friends, they gave me an interesting new insight. If somebody recommends something that you really love, it proves how well they know you and it can strengthen your connection to that person. I must say, I agree. I always try to think of the person I’m recommending to when recommending something and it can feel rather special when somebody who gives you a recommendation introduces you to something that becomes meaningful to you.

I guess the point of this blog is: be mindful of what you recommend to whom. The philosophy of: ‘They should read or watch this because I liked it and thought it was awesome’ won’t always cut it in the world of sharing interests.

Sunny, what are you doing after France?

Well, that is in fact a good question.

Because what I will do next is something awesome.

I have been searching for an internship to finish my studies for a while. I wanted to do it in Paris at first, I wanted to work at an HR department. Because of the language barrier that didn’t work out, which caused me to go to France for something else (a summer job). And even though I was kind of disappointed that I couldn’t do that kind of internship in France, I knew with 100% certainty that it was for a very good reason.

Which turned out to be the case.

While I was in France I was searching for an internship. I applied for a few positions, send letters to companies that interested me. I did so for companies in The Netherlands, in France and even back in Indonesia (where I totally would have gone again had I not gotten this internship).

One day, I was feeling a little dramatic. I figured I wouldn’t find anything, I was restless because my future wasn’t planned after September and I just really needed a break.

Well, I got it.

While I was at work that day and I scrolled through my Facebook timeline, I noticed an ad from a publisher that I like on Facebook. Coincidentally it was the only publisher that I like on Facebook. The ad was for an intern for their PR and marketing department. Starting in September. I got very, very excited about this. In my mind I was already writing my application letter and when I got home I typed it out in half an hour. It was the most honest letter I have ever sent in for a job, it was a great letter and I was very proud of it. So without even thinking twice about it I attached my CV to the email and sent it.

It was not even two hours later that I got a response (at 11pm!) telling me that they really liked my letter and profile and they would send me an email tomorrow to set up a time to do the interview. In that email they sounded just as excited with the prospect of hiring me as I was with the prospect of working for them!

The interview was not me trying to convince them to hire me, it was just a conversation where they told me about how they work, what I could expect and it was me trying to contain my excitement about where this was all going. In the end of the interview they said they would love to have me and that I could of course think about it. Obviously, I didn’t need to, so I immediately accepted and walked around with a smile for the rest of the week.

I am so happy about this, because this internship is exactly what I need to actually launch a career as a writer. It will give me insight into the business, it will give me connections and it will give me the knowledge to promote the books I will write, which seems the hardest part of the process to me. Even though in general I am not that much into PR and marketing, when it comes to books, I could not be more interested.

After the excitement from this news slowly faded away a bit (which does not mean it’s gone, it just means the thoughts of it don’t take up my entire day), I realized what this means. I will have to move to the capital of my home country. So I entered the jungle that is the real estate market in Amsterdam.

It took me quite some time to find a place to live in Amsterdam, but I also finally have this covered and so I’m more than ready to start this new challenge in less than a month. I just know it is exactly the right place for me and that I will learn so much in the five months they will have me for.

I’m just… so excited.