Why I am postponing my second internship

For those of you who have memorized my itinerary, you know that I was supposed to start my second internship in Paris in the beginning of April. I’m not going to do that anymore. And even though I didn’t like having to put it off, or cancel it all together, I now think it is for the best and I made peace with the decision.

I hired an agency to find the internship for me. I told them what I wanted, which was an HR internship in Paris. They searched for me and I kept searching myself, but because I don’t speak French fluently yet, it was very hard to find an internship in this specific department. Makes sense though.

At first I thought maybe I could let go of my wish to do an internship in an HR department, because then at least I could live in Paris for a few months, but I decided that doing an internship in this department is what I really want to do. I want to see if I can combine my two studies (business and psychology) in this field and in order to figure that out, I need experience.

So after considering different countries and cities, my stress level rose because I still hadn’t found an internship and I was already traveling at this point. I needed to make a decision, mostly to get rid of the stress of not knowing what was coming next and of having to arrange everything last-minute. It just wasn’t going to work out, at this point.

Also, there was the financial aspect. I’m not saying I’m broke, I am not. And I actually didn’t spend more money than I was supposed to. But I had put my Paris money in some stocks that seemed like a sure thing at the time, until their value decreased immensely. So I lost some money on that and now I would really have to cut back a lot if I still wanted to pay for doing an internship in this year.

I can hear you asking, what is the plan now? You wouldn’t stop this plan without having an alternative. Well, I would, but I wouldn’t write about it on my blog without an alternative ;)

Starting the end of April, I’m going to work on a campsite in the south of France. I’m hoping to improve my French here, as well as experiencing daily life in France. The plan so far is still to do an internship in Paris, but I will do it after the summer. And possibly (although I don’t think so) after a summer in France, I decide that France is not for me, and I won’t want to go to Paris. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. This plan does mean that I have to pay an extra year of college tuition, which sucks, but it’s a loss I’ll take.

So now I’m up for five months of adventure in the south of France, where I will work hard and save a lot of money, all the while trying to figure out where my final (student-) adventure will take place.

I very much believe that everything happens for a reason, and I’m guessing this too will have its reasons. Maybe I would have died in another attack if I had gone to Paris this spring, or maybe something extraordinary will happen to me while I’m in the south of France, which is why I had to end up there. Whatever it is, it’s going to be great, because I will make it great.


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