Explaining the name

I thought of Traveling Sunny a while ago, but I had several reasons for choosing this particular name.

So, as most/some of you may know, my name is Sanne, not Sunny.
When I was in Sicily with one of my best friends, we talked about how my name was so hard to pronounce in languages other than Dutch. When I go abroad, often there is a point where there is some confusion over how to pronounce my name. I decided to make it easier this time and now I tell everyone they can call me Sann-e (so, you can pronounce it like Sunny). We had a lot of jokes about this during that trip and the entire day we said out loud what we were doing, and added: With Sunny (e.g. drinking a glass of water – with Sunny. Swimming in the sea – with Sunny).
I think most people will agree when I say I have a happy personality. I always look on the bright side of things, I am a very positive person and I also choose to travel this way. If things go wrong, I just go with them and see what will happen.
Also, the places that I will travel to will mostly be sunny, so it’s appropriate on that front as well :)

Plus, it just sounds damn cute when people call me Sunny (for the Dutchies: they basically say Sannie).

I feel like the ‘traveling’ part doesn’t need an explanation, and if you think it does, I suggest you start reading the content of this blog.

So. Basically it’s my name, a description of my personality, a description of my style of traveling and even a description of the locations I’m traveling to. How could I have chosen any other name?

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-13 om 10.53.29

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