The backpack of life

In a lifetime, one can collect a lot of stuff. Some useful, like kitchen supplies, clothes, traveling gear (very useful), diaries that have been written in from cover to cover, pens… (?) But other things, not so useful. When was the last time you used your “retro” walkman? Right. I rest my case.

I have recently discovered that I can now get rid of all of my books, dvds and cds, because nowadays, everything is online (call me slow, I don’t care). I got an ereader, I watch my favorite tv-shows and movies online and I download music. So that’s less stuff to move to my moms house next week.

Seeing as how I plan on living out of a backpack for most of next year (and a part of the year after that, too), what I am hoping for is that when I open up all of the boxes that I am currently packing, I will see all sorts of items that I have not missed one bit in the year we spent apart. The result is that I will be able to throw it out without a second glance (which will bring my mom to tears. Sorry mom).

I feel my best when I am in a room that is neat and minimalistic. Not too much stuff, but just enough to make it feel homey. In the past years I have been living in single student rooms, where there was just enough room to fit all of my stuff, but my room was full – cluttered. And even though I expect to be living a bit bigger when I return home after all of my travels, I still want less things cluttering up the space I have. I want room to move around, dance, do push ups (just kidding). I want room to breathe.

Given the fact that I have so many things, you can imagine the huge crisis I’m facing in these last few weeks of packing my backpack to travel across the globe to another continent for at least half a year before I get back to my mountain of choice.

What on earth do I need to bring?

Because I’m sure as hell not gonna go around dragging a backpack that is the size of my body (or even half of it). Although I will need the extra space for souvenirs, I plan on bringing only the utmost necessities and nothing more. But I catch myself constantly adding things to my packing list, and all I can do is hope – pray – that when I have neatly stacked all of these items onto my bed, I will be able to fit it all into my backpack.

I know this is a cliffhanger. Will she, won’t she? Stay tuned to find out if I manage.


Missing what you still have

It’s weird. I’m still living my old life and still seeing all of my friends. Even though that won’t stop until the end of August, I already find myself missing a lot of things immensely. When I am cycling home from work, I love the route and I already miss being able to use my bicycle to go anywhere everywhere. If I am calling a customer at work, I miss leaving the perfect voicemail for them to listen to at a later time. Despite the fact that I can WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook and even call (oh my god, yes, you can still actually call people) all of my friends, I am already missing them. And on a materialistic note (I recently found out this is my greatest flaw – thanks for pointing that out Buzzfeed), I am already missing all of the money I have been saving and will spend in the time span of one year -tops.

I will miss the trips to all the great places in Europe with AEGEE, I will miss walking/jogging in the Stadpark, I will miss buying Tony Chocolonely chocolate and eating it at the AEGEE office, I will miss spontaneous or planned visits to either/or Wereldburgers, Sumo, Pigalle, or any Wok restaurant and finally I will miss going outside in my raincoat and cycling to work/the university (no I am kidding, I will not miss this. At all).

I’m not sure if it is the prospect of missing all of this that is causing me to already actually miss it, or if it is just early onset nostalgia. Whichever it is, it makes me enjoy these last few weeks even more, so I guess I should be grateful. I am imprinting memory after memory in my mind, and whereas this is the normal cycle of life, I don’t enjoy some things becoming memories, instead of realities.

And yes. I do realize I will be able to do all of these things again, or at least most of them, at some time in the future. No need to point that out, it will not make me miss any of it any less ☺

I just really like how my life is, and although some part of me does not want it to change, the other part of me has already packed her bags and is constantly running around in my mind like Bilbo Baggins. Exactly like Bilbo freaking Baggins.


Where I have been so far

Just to provide you with a little overview of what I have seen of the world so far. There is plenty more to come, I can guarantee it!

If you’d like to see the posts related to the specific locations, see the list below.